Pale Ale

The pale counterpart to Black Habit, best described as a Belgian pale with Northwest influence. Aroma is fresh and slightly spicy, and the mouthfeel is silky and effervescent. Tropical fruit flavors lead to a noticeably hoppy finish. Designed to go with meals. ABV about 6.7%.


Black Habit

Dark Ale


The original Benedictine Brewery beer.  Not conceived according to any particular style, it is best described a Belgian dark with a Northwest influence.  The aroma carries a bit of yeast and roastiness.  A complex of dark flavors is overlaid slightly with hops, and caramel subtly emerges in the finish.  Surprisingly light on the palate for its dark color.  Excellent with meals. ABV about 7.2%.


St. Benedict

Farmhouse Ale

A session ale in the farmhouse tradition, this beer gets its name because it was first brewed on March 21 and first served on July 11, the two annual feasts of St. Benedict. Bears the fresh aroma of yeast. Complex flavor for a lighter beer, with a slightly tart and peppery finish. Stands well as a cold beverage on a summer day. ABV about 4.7%.


Dark Night

Special Dark Ale

Modeled after imperial stouts.  The aroma hints at the dark fruit flavors the beer will deliver, such as plum and raisin, but the tongue will also encounter toastiness, molasses and licorice.  A good beer to contemplate during cold weather.  ABV about 9.5%.


Tyrant Cascadian

Dark Ale

A Cascadian dark (black IPA) made with a Belgian yeast.  The malts establish a smooth roast-and-chocolate foundation, to which the hops overlay an herbal-floral dimension.  ABV about 7.4%.


St. Michael Helles

Munich Helles  style

Designed after the Munich Helles as a golden, malty, grainy lager.  Smells and tastes light and clean.  ABV about 6%.



Belgian tripel style

Modelled on the Belgian tripel style. Rich and inviting complexity, surprisingly smooth for a higher-alcohol beer. ABV about 9.2%.




Wednesday and Thursday:
2 to 7 pm

Friday and Saturday:
1 to 8 pm

11 am to 5 pm

(Closed Monday and Tuesday)

Appetizer plates are available for purchase, or bring your own picnic to enjoy with a pint.

Minors are welcome when accompanied by an adult.

To say the taproom should be a place of hospitality and welcome and family-friendliness would be too shallow. It should be a place where people are more than just welcome: a place where they will feel blessed, where they will feel the peace of the Abbey, where they will encounter faith in an inviting and non-threatening way, where they will want to come back because of the spiritual atmosphere.
— Fr. Martin